What our clients say

The Sutcliffe family have been so thankful to work with Darcy Cross since 2005. She has helped us immensely with our oldest son, now 10yrs, when he was diagnosed with asd. And also greatly helped our family cope with the second diagnosis of our younger son, now 7yrs. Her support is kind, caring, non judgemental, and so reliable. She is a wonderful asset in our lives, I cant imagine this journey without her!

Linda Sutcliffe

Linda Sutcliffe

Friendship Club

Just wanted to say that Darcy Cross has been an instrumental part of my sons tremendous success. along with nutrition and fitness, she has worked with him closely for several years in different areas in his life. He is now headed off to high school Darcy has prepared him for what to look forward to, and how to be successful in his transition I am so grateful for her and all that she has done for our family.

Troy Stewart

Darcy is an exceptional person! Working from a genuine heart of compassion and kindness, she is very skilled at her job. She challenges her students to their potential by modeling expected behaviours in firm yet gentle way. I have noticed how well she teaches and consistently encourages self-regulation techniques in her students.

While she was just assigned to one student in my class, the other students in my class also quickly gravitated towards Darcy. She has a very warm and caring heart and this is so evident in the way she works with her students. She has done an excellent job of coaching the peers in our class to interact and build positive play skills. She teaches language and requesting skills using both verbal and nonverbal communication tools.

I have been extremely impressed by Darcy’s warm and caring heart, highly-skilled expertise, and level of professionalism. I was so pleased to have her in our classroom this past year, and would highly recommend her to anyone!

Christie Hancox

Christie Hancox

K/1 Teacher, Nanaimo Christian School

My name is E-J Boyd and I am a School Support Teacher in Nanaimo and I have had the pleasure of collaborating with Darcy for the past 8 years, approximately, as an Interventionist for several of the children that I have taught when I was a Kindergarten teacher. In recent years I have also had the pleasure of working with Darcy in my role as Student Support Teacher and I have always found her to be open, approachable and eager to try new strategies with the kids she works with.

All of the students she has worked with have shown immense growth socially and are much more capable of navigating their social world because of her interventions. More recently, I have worked closely with Darcy to run a Social Skills intervention program at my school. We have worked together with students from K-Grade 7 to help the children develop greater social awareness skills and the skills that will help them make, and keep, friends. This Friendship Club (as we called it) has been a highlight for many of our students and as Darcy has worked with the kids, I have seen many students experience “ah ha” moments when they finally understand why making friends may have been hard for them, Through direct teaching of specific skills, role plays and fun games Darcy and I were able to lead the children to a greater understanding of the skills needed for healthy social relationships and this in turn has helped the children become happier and more confident in the school environment.

E-J Boyd

School Support Teacher

Darcy Cross has been a blessing to my family and I. The diagnostic process and navigating the system once diagnosed was overwhelming. Darcy, with her expertise alleviated most of that stress.

My son has been involved in Darcy’s friendship club for two years now and has really enjoyed it. He has worked with Darcy individually as well. Darcy was able to make behavioural therapy fun. She discovered my son’s likes (playgrounds and rollerblades) and would conduct sessions while roller blading around the neighborhood.

Darcy is always available to answer questions and help guide me towards the best therapy options for my son. I highly recommend her.

Shana Dekker

Friendship Club

Our family is so appreciative for the support Darcy has given to our daughter Sarah.

Sarah spends less time worrying about who she will have to talk to and more time sorting out what she could say to new people, and feeling confident in being prepared. Darcy has given Sarah a safe place to explore the social world in an environment that supports Sarah’s learning. Darcy had Sarah involved with a few different groups that Sarah loves.

Sarah feels a strong connection with Darcy that allows her to relax and learn more from her.

With Gratitude, Erica