Christie Hancox

Darcy is an exceptional person! Working from a genuine heart of compassion and kindness, she is very skilled at her job. She challenges her students to their potential by modeling expected behaviours in firm yet gentle way. I have noticed how well she teaches and consistently encourages self-regulation techniques in her students.

While she was just assigned to one student in my class, the other students in my class also quickly gravitated towards Darcy. She has a very warm and caring heart and this is so evident in the way she works with her students. She has done an excellent job of coaching the peers in our class to interact and build positive play skills. She teaches language and requesting skills using both verbal and nonverbal communication tools.

I have been extremely impressed by Darcy’s warm and caring heart, highly-skilled expertise, and level of professionalism. I was so pleased to have her in our classroom this past year, and would highly recommend her to anyone!